Poem: Change of the day


Are you done?
I don’t have much time,
Need, greed, joy,
Well isn’t it nice you want me as your toy,
But I ain’t that kind of boy,
So hey, why don’t we talk another day?
It’s not like sunshine or rain’s gonna change my way,
Not like you care anyway.

What is it to you,
The wasted time I spent on you?
A wind of change,
The mood of rage?
Well excuse me,
I don’t care what you see,
So why don’t you just let it be?

This is just the way it is,
Changing things is not my way,
I change myself for a brighter day,
Won’t change you, won’t try to,
Because you don’t want me,
I will never ever want you.


  • Shawie

    Ouch, I cannot help but feel the pain in this one. What an awful feeling to be used. No one likes to be taken advantage of on the flip side to be taken for granted as well. Relationships are funny like that, constantly needing to be in balance which is virtually impossible considering there are two people involved with their own goals and interests. It’s important to keep individuality in a relationship but when both parties are not committed to the relationship and strong communication and honesty isn’t established there really is no hope for it is there?

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