Poem: In memory to you all



I wake up , another morning, another stop
My head hurts, my heart beats fast
They all came in my dream again
My eyes are red
I was supposed to lead
Never show emotion
But the day you left me
Its the day everything felt apart
I want to get back to those days
When we were all together , no hate , no death
And the one who saved my life
The one who made me laugh
All of you, how are you now?
Is it a better place
Should I join you too?
Everyday people die, others cry
I never shed a tear for anyone of you
Because they went down under the earth with you
It might be true that to get to the top you have to walk over bodies
But why does it have to be yours
All of you are gone now
And I am a bit alone now
But from time to time I see you all in my dreams
When we are still were young
No plan for the future
And when the future came
It stung , I was in pain
Because all of you
Why, why did all of you have to die?

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

Poem: Eleven Family

Sven plus two add another two and we got me
No one knew what eleven meant to me and you
When you went away, I lost the person I saw every day
That’s the first two
When the seven hit me, I could hear you every day
Work hard we said, one day we will be great
And the next were taken away with you
Now I am the proud last man
Seven family forgave me
The nine family saved me
And the eleven killed me

I remember everyone every day
And that’s why with the eleven I’ll stay
Because your candle burned out to fast
I will make mine last
Dreams that didn’t come true for you, I will make for your brothers and sister
For your families
For the next generations
We’ve been through so much shit
And I am still dealing with the reality of it

Couldn’t you stay for some more time
The longest year was the one when I couldn’t see or hear
I’ve come a long way from where we began
But why can’t I see you again
Why can’t I hear you mispronounce my name

Remember how much we laugh, those were the days
Our hard work always pays
That’s what they used to say
When the days were short
And I wasn’t at the end

I will be pissed, mad as hell
When I see you again I will yell
You left me here to be
Why didn’t you want to take me
Why didn’t you stay with me
Where is my family now, are they watching over me

Every road I take I take it for all of us
Because I stay true
To the stuff we used to do
And till this day I remember all of you.

This is a poem dedicated to the ones who lost their lives too early, the ones who stood by me when I had the freaking worst time of my life, the people who were my pillars of support. It’s an ode to you who were the most amazing people I ever know, to the one and only 11 Family.

Your dedication, your hard work and your way of life created what I can now proudly call me and for that I am eternally grateful to you Feeder of the wolfs, the guy who can fix anything, to you Miss Thought Killer and to you General Chill.

7|2|2 always stay true, work hard and be you.