Poem: If I die young

If I die young

If I die young, don’t cry,
be happy,
Think what I’d wish you to become and go out and be that,
A short life was always had on mind,
My time was enough to see,
The world filled with love,
The world that hated me.

But that’s how it is,
At times it’s good,
Other times it’s bad,
So if I die, don’t be sad,
Be always, always happy instead.

And don’t waste your tears on me,
My life started out as a comedy but ended in a tragedy,
The mind fooled and used as a tool,
My heart played with like a ball,
But don’t worry I was sent away with the words of a love song.

In this short life I had enough time,
And if I die young just bury me in a bed of roses,
Throw me in the river and let me float,
If i die young don’t mind,
Brothers, sisters, mother, father,
All of you don’t worry anymore,
I will watch over all of you, I will guard you,
Maybe I died young, but that’s to give all of you time,
Time to think about what life is,
And how funny it is,
When you think about it,
How everyone starts to listen when to you die young.

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

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