Poem: Atmosphere


I gotta keep going,
Even if I can’t stay on that one road I will go on and on,
So even if I am wrong,
I have people around me that push me back there,
On my way to make my dream come true,
And that dream was dreamed since I was born,
They say only the strong survive,
Well I can’t deny I am weak without all of you,
Thats why I stay around you, that’s why I need all of you,
The world makes me feel like I am falling down,
I dont know if it is real or true,
But when I fall your hands reach to me,
And you push me forward again,
Dead hearts around me everywhere,
Its hard to see that,
But I know there are people that still care,
So I will revive those dead hearts,
And show them that there is someone that does care.

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

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