Poem: Future Me

Future Me

The passing wind sang a sad song
And I tagged along
The leafs started to cry
As their tears dropped down on me from up high
In the shadows of the tree
It was waiting for me
A cold star was directed towards me
When I looked at it
It was me
My eyes were red
And they bleed
My face filled with blood
And instead of a smile
It just lowered its head
The wind started to blow harder
Leafs started to dance with it as they were ripped of their branches
And than it got to me
That what I saw earlier
That used to be me
But now, now I stand tall
I grabbed a leaf that was blown away
I will show you all
That what I used to be is not anymore me
Even if the wind sings his sad song
Even if the leafs cry
I will not let you break me
Come out past me
Grab my hand and let us see
What we will be
The future me

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

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