Short Story: The music of your heart

In the hardship of today, no matter how good you have it, its always something that is in your way. People who have nothing want something, people who have everything don’t know what to do with themselves and in the end, everyone tries to be happy and only a few manage to do so. It’s mostly because we can’t accomplish that goal, that one dream we dreamed for so long, yet sometimes we find that happiness in the form of music. For a brief moment, we found ourselves in a trans that makes us forget about all of our problems, about all the things we missed or all the things we are going to miss, its all gone with that one song. I don’t know how most of you feel about it but I find music to be something amazing, and I greatly respect those who are able to make it, I, on the other hand, am only slightly gifted in writing (I am still trying to get myself to learn more grammar) so far I tried to learn the guitar but gave up due to lack of time , but who knows one day I might try to learn it again, if I find a way to play it with my huge hands ( when I started to learn it I was 14 and now I am 21 and I kinda grew a lot since then ).
Anyhow sometimes I feel like music could do so much for everyone, I know I am a bit selfish here because many people live in horrible conditions and have it really hard while I am writing from the comfort of my chair about how the world would be better if we used music more. Now I am not trying to say that we should make everyone listen to music, but I rather have the world stop for a moment and listen, because that’s what music is all about, listening and that’s what I want to see. People stopping for a second and looking around, listening to the sound of other people, animals, to the whole world. If we listened closely to the lyrics of the song of our world there would be so much that we could accomplish. Religion would finally be a non-violent topic again, I mean no matter what religion you are you will get hated from people that are other religions (this isn’t true for everyone, there are more and more tolerant people out there every day).
This is what my point, listen to your surroundings if you can help a bit help and try to live together in peace with the people that are near you, even if the sound might be ugly the lyrics could be amazing, it’s only up to you to listen closely to them.

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