Poem: Final Beguine

I risk everything, I whispered into the night
Challenged it for you, the darkness inside
And with it, I turned a new page in my last volume
They all called me crazy, I just ended my last chapter
And I didn’t open a new one
This is the last page in the book
Will you move, will you help me?
In the silence, I can hear you
But it’s not anything clean
It’s your voice I am sure
But what will it tell me I am not so sure
Take my pen, take my papers
And write, write my life as you please
Or just close the book and leave me here
In the end, it doesn’t matter anymore to me
Because the voice isn’t here with me
It’s not here, it’s only in my head
For you, I am probably dead.

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

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