Poem: The Devil

Used to walk on broken glass, but I never gave up
Tell you what baby, they all think I am crazy
They all say that the devil created my wayAnd you know what, I don’t care what they say
I can’t hear a word  they say, I go on my way
They better fear, they better scream
Because the devil didn’t lay the way for me
But because I am him

Blood and flesh, Bones and Soul
The worst of them all
It is all within me, but does that even bother me?
Does it even scare me?
No, not at all because I am not scared of them all
I am not scared of some lord of darkness nor the lord of light
Why would I be?
Look how far I made it, I am still living

To think that I have no more ink for my story
What a victory filled with glory for you…
I risked everything, I whispered into the night
When is it my time? Should I give up?
And the sound of the blues came to my early darkest fear was here
Did I die? I think not, it all started it
The new beginning of my life

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