Poem: Smooth, Fresh and Wild

Smooth, Fresh and Wild

A deep forest I lost myself in,
Wild green eyes pulling me in,
Crazy silky hair,
Caressing my skin,
Soft pink lips,
Biting softly onto me,
What a trill,
What a dangerous harmony.

Her body under mine,
She can’t move,
She can’t decline,
My approach is slow,
Yet domineering,
A simple bite,
And she is already swearing.

“Fuck me hard”,
I hear her say,
“Shut up and enjoy it, my little prey”,
I say with a delight in my voice.

I tear apart her clothes,
A sexy goddess hid underneath,
To her luck,
A goddess is what I love to fuck,
As she gives in,
I start my move,
I want her to feel me in.

Slowly I make my way down,
Kissing and biting all around,
Her slender neck is bitten first,
Followed by her lips,
Slowly sliding down,
To the big lovely bosom,
Sucking on those lovely nipples,
Squeezing them hard,
Making her moan,
While I play with her as a form of art.

Her body is now in a different dimension,
She gave herself in to me,
All she can see,
All she can think,
It all revolves around me,
And as she is lost.

I take the chance,
I go love and spread her legs,
The moans get loader,
The breath wilder,
And as I touch her thighs,
Her mind goes wild,
Her hands go up,
What she didn’t expect,
Was what’s going up.

My tongue digs deep inside of her,
I devour her,
As crazy as she thing she is,
The things I do are blowing her wits,
More devoted to her than me,
I don’t think anyone will be.

As my favorite prey,
I can’t stay away,
And as she gets close,
I remove my cloths,
And I start taking her on,
And even I start to moan.

Followed by the moonlight,
Our bodies collide,
A friction is created,
And everything around us is obliterated.

As the thirst becomes stronger,
She becomes tighter,
And as she gets to the spot,
I start filling up her pot.

Laying there on each other,
Lost in time,
Now she is fully mine,
But I am also fully hers,
Charmed and caged,
“Baby am all yours.” .


Written by Srdjan Solkotovic


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