Poem: Beloved Brother

As the light faded from the sky,
In the wind there was a cry,
People standing around you,
There was nothing I could do,

Through the silver streams of my golden dreams,
I could not see, I could not tell,
Where you good, or did you not feel so well?
You always hid it so well,

Under the snow I saw you glow,
You smiled, my fallen brother
And for me there won’t be another,
I don’t regret nor I forget that you took the road with me,

To this memories I will hold,
And with your blessing I will go,
To pass the line we once planned to cross,
And although the road I must walk alone,
I can not tell, if I will end it without you so well,

And where the road takes me,
I am not able to tell,
We walked all this way,
But on this day I will have to bid you farewell.

Many places I have seen,
Too many sorrows I have seen,
Many things I lived through,
But then I still had you.

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic


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