Poem: You


What if I told you that I think you’re perfect
When I look at them I see where my dream hides
And I have been hanging on every word you said
I want make you laugh a little harder
Every time I am talking to you
You tell me something new
And I feel alive
It’s like I always knew you
I never meet a person that’s like you
A mind that made me go insane
Never have I stepped into such an amazing brain
And each moment I feel like I can make you laugh a little harder
Every time its fun to hear from you
Your silky hair is like a dream path to wonderland
And every time I talk to you its like I always knew you
There are no memories we share
Except that one stare
But I feel a connection is there
You made me think hard everyday
And its like I feel alive again
As long as I talk to you
I will have faith that there is nothing  I can’t do

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

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