Poem: Quoted

Nothing stops my head now
Thought after thought its all rough
Like diamonds all they need is some shaping to make them shine
That’s where my mind comes in play
You can stay and watch me turn my thoughts into reality
Because that’s what I was born to do
I always thought that my life is not worth living
But I started going through it my way
Sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh
But I wont exchange it for nothing in the world
All the mistakes I made , all the bad choices I feel crawling up to this day
I would do them all over if it lead me again to you
And it wasn’t so far away when my first dream came true
And now I meet you
So life goes on and on
And we just try to figure life on our own
I live my life like I always wanted to do
And that’s by staying near you

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

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