Poem: What do you fear?



Head up high looking for the sky,
Only gray clouds again, no end in sight,
I am sitting, just listening to the drops of rain,
A happy home, but what’s the reality?
Does your mind go fast?
And how long does that last?
How fast does it break the walls around you?
Can you escape the prison you built yourself?
I can see the state of misery from the introduction,
Maybe I will use my eyes to see a brighter day,
The pictures don’t get clearer, but I feel like I am nearer,
Am I from around here?
Don’t want to be everything you want,
Don’t want to be everything for you,
I don’t even fucking know you,
Could it be to be my destiny,
Something that killed me?
Well I can’t follow, because I am still alive
Only the scars are there and I just fly I don’t care,
If you try to kill me, your life I won’t spare,
You want to take me far away from here,
What’s your true intention?
What the hell do you fear?

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