Poem: Forgotten Burning Soul



I’m burning this bridge, my heart to the ground
I have put my hopes up to high
It’s time for them to go back down to the mess that’s around
I will never have a firm stance in life,
Forever under rubble, I will be found
But under this self-afflicted weight,
Have I realized a truth so profound,
That because of expectations,
I’ve become numb
I put my heart into others too soon
But relationships last like the rise and fall of the sun
So in the ashes of the day,
And the frozen caves of the night,
I stumble upon who
I’ve become: A forgotten soul,
No one,
A rotten corpse in the day,
And a lonely caveman at night,
The only hope I have Is the opposite life in sight
But both are two of the same
A forgotten soul,
Trying to find meaning in his name,
But even if he found one
It wouldn’t help him none
Cause when you’re lost, you’re lost
It’s like having a heart with no lungs
Craving love but no tongue,
The only thing left is to survive,
Or from the truth, run.

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