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Poem: Shade of Blue

The dawn of the morning,
Sunrise of the world,
It’s the most lonely view from my little room,
Beautiful, fascinating, but it burns my eyes,

Not the sun, not the earth,
But it is the sky that makes me rub my eye,
It burns, it’s a shade of blue hits my soul and takes me back to you,
The loneliest shade of blue.

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  1. I love poems like these! When they are short yet FORCES the reader to acknowledgy the underlying emotion/message of the poem. I loved how something harmless being of a blue sky can actually inflict hurt to a person due to some connection with past memories. I think it’s pain like this though that makes us stronger and make us who we are today. It’s being in a position to appreciate love when love is given, thankful for gratitude when appreciation is given.

  2. Oh someone is heartbroken, I am sorry 🙁 . It’s a beautiful poem, I think that’s what people mean when they say “You can find beauty in anything”.