Poem: Lone Wolf

Walk alone, like the lone wolf,
You don’t take what the worlds want to give,
What’s your reason to fight?
What are you an afraid mighty lone wolf?
Do you not trust others or are you afraid of them?

Oh mighty wolf that journeys alone, won’t you tell me where is your home?
When will your journey end?
Why did you run away and where are you going?
I asked the lone wolf, and his answer howled to me

I am the answer to your question,
Afraid of myself I am, as I cannot yet understand what I need to do,
Afraid of the world I am, it might give me to much,
Afraid of them, I cannot trust myself nor them,

My journey is a long one, one that I need to walk alone,
And when I reach the end of it, then I will find my home,
All the storms that will rain down on me will only make me stronger,
The hardships of my life will make my mind grow bolder,
And one day I will be able to say,
I am glad I did it my way.

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