Poem: Godless




Tell me something death,
Are you happy with your job,
Aren’t you tired of the complaints?

I’ve seen you take away from me everything,
One by one,
But not only you,

Tell me, something gods,
Aren’t you tired of stopping me from filling my void?
Am I that big of a threat to you?

I am falling,
Into the depths of soul-crushing colors,
And I can’t leave or hold on to anything,

In the shallow, the shallow mud
I raise my head, with a smile that seems dead,
Still I walk, still, I reach out my head,

To the gods that can’t hold themselves back from my realm,
Beware, beware of the stare that is following you,
The life that is a threat to you

Beware of the godless god, the shallow husk of a being
That still lets the colors roam free,
And makes everything free

In this modern world,
I can feel the blood boiling inside of me,
My ancestry is behind me

I died once, and will die once more,
And when I die heaven and earth will hear a roar,
While the underworld will personally see,
What fear is for me

You cursed my soul,
You made my way a sin,
And now I will come for you,
I will burn you from within,

Into the deep end, I am not drowning,
I am diving in where people couldn’t even see,
Godless and sober, I come for you.