Poem: Dancing Shadows




When I see those shadows move,
In the spotlight, I can already tell,
It’s going to be a hellish good time,

The light of day won’t reach anytime soon,
And I am swooned by the shadow,
Dancing behind the light,

And I can feel the heat,
I can feel the love,
Spread across the dance floor,

Where no one is but me and you,
The shadow calls me over,
And I can’t resist any longer

I need someone to take a chance with me,
And burn her initials inside of me,
Just want to dance with somebody,
With the one that loves me

And as the shadow’s movements fade away,
Eyes stick out through the light staring at me
Somebody is watching me
Piercing my heart
Reading me
And that somebody pulled me in
Like a black hole sucking everything
I am drawn to her
As the light gets dim
The shadows fade
And under the faint light, I connect with you
When our bodies collide
When our minds go wild