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Manga Review: Shuumatsu no Walkure – Shuumatsu no Walküre – 終末のワルキューレ

Fresh emotions swirl through my head as I am writing the first manga review on my new blog. What an astonishing read this story was so far and I can’t wait for its continuation.

Right now I finished 35 chapters and I must say, after The God Of High School, I thought it would be long before I find a manga so connected with history and mythology, a fusion, no a battel between the perfection and humanity.

With plain yet well-known characters(at least to history buffs like myself), with a plot that’s as basic as your average kindergarten drawing (and please do leave your hate in the comments to explain to me the unique and never seen before the plot of gods fighting humans for humanities survival), this manga managed to get me addicted.

The artwork is basically perfect for me, I love the serious design, in some way it the shadowing and kind of darkish feel around the images reminds me of Conan the Barbarian from my youth, but not so explicit, at least when it comes to nudity.

To think that this would be the first manga I review on this channel, as a huge fan of romance and slice of life, this was a surprise to me too. But here goes nothing. I will try not to spoil things, and I will try to pour all my heart into this review, like the many others I will write and post on this blog.

Maybe I am too harsh on the plot, it isn’t like it’s the most unique one, but the characters are really well written. The snippets of backstories that we get from them are enough to make a nice connection between us and the characters.  It’s not all black and white (even tho it is mostly black and white manga).


As sad, pretty simple, the gods want to destroy humanity, they decide upon that every 1000 years if they will kill off everyone or let humans do whatever humans do. This time it is a bit different as one of the Valkyries managed to convince Zeus to have a Ragnarok to decide humanity’s fate. Pretty much the bored gods thought it would be fun so they were like
“Fine, we’ll kill them in a ring.”.

I won’t spoil more but just so you know there is a list out anyway so here it goes:


With so many cultures and mythologies around the world, I am a bit saddened that not all can be represented. As we see the Slavs, the celts, the Mayans are left out when it comes to the gods side of the team, but we got some representatives on the human side.



It is a more battle focused manga so don’t expect to cry or something, you’ll just feel a lot of raw emotions of fighting, not really my thing, but I do enjoy this one a lot.

What they lack in plot, they do make up with short backstories that sort of cover the things we want to know, but as always in seinen mangas, the story is second to the art and fighting scenes. I think if you’d make an anime out of this it would be hard work for the animators to cover everything.  Just look at The God Of High School, that turned out brilliant, yet it had to cut so much of its story for the fighting scenes.

Anyway, the characters, although not deep, they are relevant, every single one of them has it’s own important part. But again IT IS A SEINEN MANGA, WITH FIGHTING BEING ITS THEME SO DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH.




Must I say more to this? I mean look at the details, look at the power of this scene! It’s truly amazing what some people can do, I wish I was able to draw like that. Maybe one day I will.




Love fighting? Do you like to watch “What if” alternative history videos on youtube? Wanna see your favorite gods fight your favorite historical person? Is rap battle of histories not enough for you?

Yeah, read this manga. If you want something lovely-dovely like me most of the time, wait for my next review.

All in all, it is a fun read, that might, in the end, have a twist to all of it, dunno why, but I sense there is something hidden. It is a great fighting manga, and I would recommend it to any fan of fighting and history mangas.

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