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Manga Review: Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband, 極主夫道

Aight, so listen to this idea!


Yes, that’s what I thought as well but, this bad boy can fit in so much cliche jokes and it is worth to detox from the amazingly too serious world around us.

Yup that’s him, the Yakuza who became a househusband. I kinda want to be a househusband if anyone is offering?

Anyway back to the review, this won’t be in-depth as it is a light manga, and by that, I mean something with a ridiculous plot only made to pull out some laughs.

So in short this yakuza turned into a househusband and is doing all the household chores, shopping, and so on in his special yakuza style.

To add to this peaceful scenery, we add a roomba, a cat, anime fan wife, and friendly old neighbor ladies who take him places. Be warned if you are into this kind of humor you will enjoy it.

Selling Point of the Manga:

Simple laughs and simple life of a former yakuza member. Nice artwork with a lot of enjoyment, something that will relax you and take you in the dark world of the former yakuza, now househusband.  Why would I recommend this manga?

Why wouldn’t you recommend someone to laugh?

Simplistic plot, with interesting character design, something that is kinda a stereotype in Japanese culture (about yakuza), mixed in with the most common household chores that go crazy wrong. If you would love to just relax for a bit and have a laugh this might be the manga for you.