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Manga Review: Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband, 極主夫道

Aight, so listen to this idea!


Yes, that’s what I thought as well but, this bad boy can fit in so much cliche jokes and it is worth to detox from the amazingly too serious world around us.

Yup that’s him, the Yakuza who became a househusband. I kinda want to be a househusband if anyone is offering?

Anyway back to the review, this won’t be in-depth as it is a light manga, and by that, I mean something with a ridiculous plot only made to pull out some laughs.

So in short this yakuza turned into a househusband and is doing all the household chores, shopping, and so on in his special yakuza style.

To add to this peaceful scenery, we add a roomba, a cat, anime fan wife, and friendly old neighbor ladies who take him places. Be warned if you are into this kind of humor you will enjoy it.

Selling Point of the Manga:

Simple laughs and simple life of a former yakuza member. Nice artwork with a lot of enjoyment, something that will relax you and take you in the dark world of the former yakuza, now househusband.  Why would I recommend this manga?

Why wouldn’t you recommend someone to laugh?

Simplistic plot, with interesting character design, something that is kinda a stereotype in Japanese culture (about yakuza), mixed in with the most common household chores that go crazy wrong. If you would love to just relax for a bit and have a laugh this might be the manga for you.

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Manga Review: Shuumatsu no Walkure – Shuumatsu no Walküre – 終末のワルキューレ

Fresh emotions swirl through my head as I am writing the first manga review on my new blog. What an astonishing read this story was so far and I can’t wait for its continuation.

Right now I finished 35 chapters and I must say, after The God Of High School, I thought it would be long before I find a manga so connected with history and mythology, a fusion, no a battel between the perfection and humanity.

With plain yet well-known characters(at least to history buffs like myself), with a plot that’s as basic as your average kindergarten drawing (and please do leave your hate in the comments to explain to me the unique and never seen before the plot of gods fighting humans for humanities survival), this manga managed to get me addicted.

The artwork is basically perfect for me, I love the serious design, in some way it the shadowing and kind of darkish feel around the images reminds me of Conan the Barbarian from my youth, but not so explicit, at least when it comes to nudity.

To think that this would be the first manga I review on this channel, as a huge fan of romance and slice of life, this was a surprise to me too. But here goes nothing. I will try not to spoil things, and I will try to pour all my heart into this review, like the many others I will write and post on this blog.

Maybe I am too harsh on the plot, it isn’t like it’s the most unique one, but the characters are really well written. The snippets of backstories that we get from them are enough to make a nice connection between us and the characters.  It’s not all black and white (even tho it is mostly black and white manga).


As sad, pretty simple, the gods want to destroy humanity, they decide upon that every 1000 years if they will kill off everyone or let humans do whatever humans do. This time it is a bit different as one of the Valkyries managed to convince Zeus to have a Ragnarok to decide humanity’s fate. Pretty much the bored gods thought it would be fun so they were like
“Fine, we’ll kill them in a ring.”.

I won’t spoil more but just so you know there is a list out anyway so here it goes:


With so many cultures and mythologies around the world, I am a bit saddened that not all can be represented. As we see the Slavs, the celts, the Mayans are left out when it comes to the gods side of the team, but we got some representatives on the human side.



It is a more battle focused manga so don’t expect to cry or something, you’ll just feel a lot of raw emotions of fighting, not really my thing, but I do enjoy this one a lot.

What they lack in plot, they do make up with short backstories that sort of cover the things we want to know, but as always in seinen mangas, the story is second to the art and fighting scenes. I think if you’d make an anime out of this it would be hard work for the animators to cover everything.  Just look at The God Of High School, that turned out brilliant, yet it had to cut so much of its story for the fighting scenes.

Anyway, the characters, although not deep, they are relevant, every single one of them has it’s own important part. But again IT IS A SEINEN MANGA, WITH FIGHTING BEING ITS THEME SO DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH.




Must I say more to this? I mean look at the details, look at the power of this scene! It’s truly amazing what some people can do, I wish I was able to draw like that. Maybe one day I will.




Love fighting? Do you like to watch “What if” alternative history videos on youtube? Wanna see your favorite gods fight your favorite historical person? Is rap battle of histories not enough for you?

Yeah, read this manga. If you want something lovely-dovely like me most of the time, wait for my next review.

All in all, it is a fun read, that might, in the end, have a twist to all of it, dunno why, but I sense there is something hidden. It is a great fighting manga, and I would recommend it to any fan of fighting and history mangas.

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Dull Emotions

   A dull emotionless night, it is long past midnight. Again I sit in front of a blank page filled with nothing, things that I didn’t imagine yet. What is it to feel like, again I ask myself for the millionth time, at this hour, as I try to search the words to describe feelings. Feelings that I want to see, feelings that I want to taste, the ones that I want to hear, and the ones that I resent. The ones that I actually feel.

As the mighty rivers of time flow through the open terrace door, I close my eyes to imagine. Darkness, not even fictional darkness, just a blank space of darkness without thoughts or emotions, images or sounds. Nothing. How could I stand this anymore, no wonder that I turned to alcohol, everything that I once cherished is gone, everything but my own.
Friends, enemies, family, all of them are somewhere where I want to be. Somewhere where the pain is something relevant, somewhere there is a world without me, and it is much happier than this one. The breeze is nice, but the time flow slowly devours me, darkness surrounds me while the sun is rising, again it is past midnight way to much for me to get back to sleep. Another day, another night, my mind is blank again, where my thoughts are dead, and not the poetic death that I seek near a lover that wasn’t meant to be, no it’s the death that killed many before they reach their goal, the death of one’s soul.

Looking around to the gods of long lost histories, they won’t talk to me anymore. I angered them a long time ago, with the black rose that was growing inside of me, the one that denounced them and everything after them. A curse from long ago, that plagued the family, and me even more. As I gave in to it, I fought the demons, I fought the gods, everything above and everything down below was and still is my enemy, and now they started to act so.

No answer. No one answers me, whomever I ask for, they again have abandoned me. But don’t they know, will they repeat their mistakes?

Don’t they remember the one who challenged the heavens, did they really forget the havoc that I created last time they denounced me, the last time they humiliated and laughed at me?

I think it is time, it is time to find it again. That way, where I can create chaos again, the one where my soul will finally be free when the burdens of heaven, earth, and hell won’t fall again on me. When they return me to my other half.

Ahh, again I fell into that state. What is wrong with me?

Gods? How can I fight the gods?

Damn it, I was supposed to write something, to make it again. I think I shouldn’t call myself a writer anymore. What is a writer without anything written that it is worth reading?

It seems like the sun is not up yet. It’s the clouds, that’s why. A cloudy morning might be my chance of sleep.

Well, that explains a lot of things, I am cold again. My leg is shaking, am I angry and I don’t feel it?

What the hell is going on again, what the hell am I doing with my life?

I can’t even cry anymore, I can’t feel anymore what good am I to this world anymore?

This feels like writing a diary but every word I write is just cutting deeper inside of me, yet I can’t seem to bleed even if I want to, even if I need to. The main actor in my own movie bullshit, I can’t stand my life anymore, I can’t seem to know where I want to go still, and it’s been already too many years to not know. Am I going to do this, am I going to give it all up for something else, or am I going to try to balance everything on a string that could break anytime, yet again I can’t decide and might do nothing and just fail at everything…..How many times again…..I am hungry, I am hungry again, but I have to keep a diet.

How wonderful it would be, to cry it out, and just feel free, but I can’t.

I didn’t go to his grave again, I passed it by, I couldn’t face it anymore, I can’t see the white gravestone and your picture smiling, why the hell are you smiling when you are not here with me.
What is wrong being so alone?

I can’t feel happiness anymore, I can’t no matter what I do the black hole just grows bigger and bigger, it wants more and more. I can’t stand myself anymore as I am eating myself from the inside. The stone, that white stone, that innocent smile of yours, I miss you more than you think, It’s again 5 a.m. and again my mind is filled black lines, filled with death, filled with lies and images that I can’t see anymore since my imagination died, my brain overheated, I can’t stand it!

I want to write, I want to create, but this is just a dry desert and I can’t get a drop of water to drink to keep going, so I am just going back, going back to dust. Pain, maybe I need pain, maybe I need to feel broken again to actually feel something. I feel like I lost everything. I can’t talk to her, I can’t talk to him, and I can’t even touch him, can’t hug him, I am lost without all of them, I can’t understand, what should I do?

What the hell should I do to be happy?


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Poem: Dancing Shadows

When I see those shadows move,
In the spotlight,
I can already tell,
It’s going to be good as hell,

The light of day won’t come soon,
There is only the moon,

Swooned by the shadow on the walls,
Dancing behind the light,

And I can feel the heat,
I can feel the love,
Spread across the dance floor,

Where no one is but me and you,
The shadow calls me over,
And I can’t resist any longer,

And as the shadow’s movements fade away,
Eyes stick out through the light staring at me,
Somebody is watching me,

Piercing my heart,
Reading me,
And that somebody pulled me in,

Like a black hole sucking everything,
I am drawn to her,
As the light gets dim,
The shadows fade,
And under the faint light,
I connect with you,
Our bodies collide,
And the minds go wild.

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Poem: Hometown

In this town, nothing changes,
From the baker to the market,
Everything stays the same.

Just the people,
The people go one by one,
One by one they disappear,
With no memory of them,
They leave the town,
Never to be seen around.

On the ground,
I watch the stars,
Wishing I was one of them,
Never to return.

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Poem: Godless

Tell me something death,
Are you happy with your job,
Aren’t you tired of the complaints?

I’ve seen you take away everything from me,
One by one,
But that’s your job,
I don’t blame you,

Tell me, something gods,
Aren’t you tired of stopping me from filling my void?
Am I threatening you?
Is my existence something that bothers you?

To the gods that can’t hold themselves back from my realm,
Beware, beware of the stare that is following you,
The life that is a threat to you,

Beware of the godless god,
The shallow husk of a being,
That still lets the colors roam free,
But cannot see,

In this modern world,
I can feel the blood boiling inside of me,
My ancestry is behind me,

I died once, and will die once more,
And when I die heaven and earth will hear a roar,
While the underworld will personally see,
The wrath of a mortal,
The death of gods destiny.



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Poem: My Utopian Lie

Oh wind that brings the joy of fresh air,
Please blow my tears and take them far away,
On this journey, be my guide, don’t let me die inside,

Oh, how bad it is to walk in circles,
To painfully relieve your past day in and day out,
What joy must the heavens have on our behalf,

Once it’s broken, once it stopped,
They will be the ones that are mocked,
In their blissful blue sky, there we will make them cry,

Will it ever end, oh my dearest friend will my pain end?
One by one my thoughts die, one by one they vanish in my cry,
And the circle remains untouched, unscratched and they laugh at me from the sky,

But one day, one fateful day,
When the city is paved in the colors of our youth,
The rain can’t wash away the feelings that we want to feel,

When heaven is here where I can set foot on it,
Then I will join him, the sinner no one prays for,
Oh my, did we build our heaven on the back of hell?

It doesn’t matter anyway,
The Devil and I will dance away,
In the shadow of a great new day.

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Poem: Change of the day

Are you done?
I don’t have much time,
Need, greed, joy,
Well isn’t it nice you want me as your toy,
But I ain’t that kind of boy,
So hey, why don’t we talk another day?
It’s not like sunshine or rain’s gonna change my way,
Not like you care anyway.

What is it to you,
The wasted time I spent on you?
A wind of change,
The mood of rage?
Well excuse me,
I don’t care what you see,
So why don’t you just let it be?

This is just the way it is,
Changing things is not my way,
I change myself for a brighter day,
Won’t change you, won’t try to,
Because you don’t want me,
I will never ever want you.

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Poem: Lone Wolf

Walk alone, like the lone wolf,
You don’t take what the worlds want to give,
What’s your reason to fight?
What are you an afraid mighty lone wolf?
Do you not trust others or are you afraid of them?

Oh mighty wolf that journeys alone, won’t you tell me where is your home?
When will your journey end?
Why did you run away and where are you going?
I asked the lone wolf, and his answer howled to me

I am the answer to your question,
Afraid of myself I am, as I cannot yet understand what I need to do,
Afraid of the world I am, it might give me to much,
Afraid of them, I cannot trust myself nor them,

My journey is a long one, one that I need to walk alone,
And when I reach the end of it, then I will find my home,
All the storms that will rain down on me will only make me stronger,
The hardships of my life will make my mind grow bolder,
And one day I will be able to say,
I am glad I did it my way.

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Poem: Life in my Hand



I can’t keep up with the world
Since it tries to act as a double edge sword
The more I kill the enemy
The more it pierces through me
In the end, I don’t have anything to defend
In the end, should I pretend
Not to be hurt
And just smile
When in fact I am about to die
The string of faith is not so strong
They break as you walk along
Rip apart when you start creating art
And when you close yourself inside
Do you think you will die with pride?
The sword keeps pushing inside of you no matter what you do
No matter what you think
No matter what you feel
In the end, you’ll see what’s fake and what’s real
Emotions and facts combined in life’s artifacts
When you see one run
Because harm will be done with one look
That’s all that it took
That’s all what it ever takes when you gaze
And that’s not the end of the story
Because you are driving a freaking lorry
To an unknown destination
Through the forest of procrastination
The mountains of your desperation
And the roads of the great depression
Yet you are there sitting on your comfy chair
Goin’ 80 miles per hour
Screaming about life being sour
The favorite thing about it is not knowing where you are going
Because if you knew, what would you change, what would you be ever able to do?
I don’t know me, I don’t know you
What I really want to do is create myself
Mold the me into whatever I want to be
Stay true to the values I hold so dearly
And preserver
Life is not all about defense or attack
Even if the double end sword will get me one day
I will be able to say my last words
They will echo to the chamber of life and death, in between
Do you know what I mean?
It will reach the end of the world, the end of the universe
Because it will be like a fire from a verse
It will hit deep and wake the gods up from their sleep
Then, you ask me, what will happen?
What will become of you?
What will become of me?
I don’t know a thing about you, but I will go out smiling, what will you do?