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Poem: Shade of Blue

The dawn of the morning,
Sunrise of the world,
It’s the most lonely view from my little room,
Beautiful, fascinating, but it burns my eyes,

Not the sun, not the earth,
But it is the sky that makes me rub my eye,
It burns, it’s a shade of blue hits my soul and takes me back to you,
The loneliest shade of blue.

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Poem: Between Silences




There are days that silence rages so fiercely,
I fear the panes will crack and cave.
O how I long for your witty exchanges once more.
We spend hours, lingered in poetry,
conversations enlightened with articulation,
and then your mind snaps;


I learn to entertain myself between silences,
to sift through diaries left haphazardly on tabletops.
The words you’ve written scream for release;
your tortured mind begs for forgiveness.
I want to wrap you in my arms
and chase away whatever beast has your tongue.

The silence seeps under doorways;
a smoky haze soaks the room.

There are days when you wander the halls
as if there is something you want to say.
I wait, in anticipation, for one mere syllable,
just one sound of recognition from your lips,
to explore the vast knowledge imprisoned in your mind.
Such madness controls you.

Given the chance,
I would say all the things you cannot,
if only I knew the words.




Copyright © 2013 Lori Carlson.

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Poem: Don’t die young




Since you’re gone, I just feel I am not in the zone,
I tried to make it last, I drunk so much when you passed,
You died young, you left all the family crying,
Made me feel like dying, I wanted to visit you,
Know that I am still good, you know how I do,
Rest brother, rest well because when I get there, I’ll turn heaven to hell,
I can’t let them be, I mean they took you away from me,
Gods plan, damn son, I don’t think that’s the right way,
I never send anyone my plan, so there can’t be one,
Aight, until I get free I’ll do what you told me,
You know I am still writing, I am still grinding,
I still work out, I still pour my heart on the court, all out boy,
And you know how much it hurts, it hurts like hell, but whatever,
I never did so well, I never was as close to heaven as I was to hell,
So if you are up there, watch your boy, cuz whatever I do, it’s still me and you,
Still not used to the life without you, me and you no truer two,
Rest fool, don’t worry, you know I am strong, you know I will come  up to you,
One day, one day again,  me and you, trust the two, the freaking truest two.

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Poem: Ready to Fire



Ready to fire,
kneel before the might
ready to fire
your end is tonight

The will to rise above you
final will’s to destroy you
so get ready to fire
get ready to burn

Get ready to fight
the final battle is going tonight
when I stood in front of you
fell the rage I am burning
finally, you’ll see the truth
the ash you’re turning

Ready to fire
feel my might
ready to fire
die with my pride

A gunshot in your fucking head
scream and despair
the smell of your fear
drives me madder

Ready to fire,
start the war
annihilation from the face of the earth
slay the enemy, kill ’em all
the smell of dust and insanity,
blood, sweat, and tears
scream of pain, of terror
scorn your suffering
I am leaving
leaving like liberator

Ready to fire, start the war
annihilation from the face of the earth
slay the enemy, kill ’em all
the fusion of dust and…

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Poem: Spellbound



I can run from my demons
but they won’t leave me
in a which hour they keep wake me up
tearing my soul apart

In cold sweat, I cannot breathe
why do they won’t leave me
I can’t take it anymore

Just when I am on the edge when I’m about to broke
they just stop and laugh to me
Is this some joke?

And they come back every night
torturing me ’till I have nothing left for the fight

Broken down with tears and shakes
they keep adding more pain
leading me to new mistakes
turning my life in hell.

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Poem: My Guardian Angel



All these years it’ s driving me crazy
My heart is broken, living in pain
My guardian angel is so lazy,
Drunk, or kicked out in the rain

When he’s sober and with the hangover
He does something for me
Like a foreign movie without a subtitle
I don’t understand what he’s saying

I pray to him to watch over me
I pray for help and good luck
But he’s at the bar, you see
He’ s drunk again and he doesn’t give a fuck

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Poem: Take It All



Take all our money
take all the power
what will you bring
when it comes to the final hour?

Hide behind the diploma
hide behind the uniform
get up from this mental coma
hide from a bullet storm

Under the curtain of madness
in the surface of ignorance
you only bring the sadness
giving nothing for existence

Drowning us, we hit the bottom
and everything we have
takes Babylon

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Poem: Forgotten Burning Soul



I’m burning this bridge, my heart to the ground
I have put my hopes up to high
It’s time for them to go back down to the mess that’s around
I will never have a firm stance in life,
Forever under rubble, I will be found
But under this self-afflicted weight,
Have I realized a truth so profound,
That because of expectations,
I’ve become numb
I put my heart into others too soon
But relationships last like the rise and fall of the sun
So in the ashes of the day,
And the frozen caves of the night,
I stumble upon who
I’ve become: A forgotten soul,
No one,
A rotten corpse in the day,
And a lonely caveman at night,
The only hope I have Is the opposite life in sight
But both are two of the same
A forgotten soul,
Trying to find meaning in his name,
But even if he found one
It wouldn’t help him none
Cause when you’re lost, you’re lost
It’s like having a heart with no lungs
Craving love but no tongue,
The only thing left is to survive,
Or from the truth, run.

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Poem: What do you fear?



Head up high looking for the sky,
Only gray clouds again, no end in sight,
I am sitting, just listening to the drops of rain,
A happy home, but what’s the reality?
Does your mind go fast?
And how long does that last?
How fast does it break the walls around you?
Can you escape the prison you built yourself?
I can see the state of misery from the introduction,
Maybe I will use my eyes to see a brighter day,
The pictures don’t get clearer, but I feel like I am nearer,
Am I from around here?
Don’t want to be everything you want,
Don’t want to be everything for you,
I don’t even fucking know you,
Could it be to be my destiny,
Something that killed me?
Well I can’t follow, because I am still alive
Only the scars are there and I just fly I don’t care,
If you try to kill me, your life I won’t spare,
You want to take me far away from here,
What’s your true intention?
What the hell do you fear?

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Poem: Reading it Well



I looked out the window,
The sun was gone,
I put some music on,
Listening to the wind outside,
I woke up in the middle of the day again,
What a pain,
I wonder what’s wrong,
Why can’t I enjoy a single song,
I can’t see what others tell me,
More than feelings, more than stories,
I see more than you could tell, from a text,
You wouldn’t know, how can you even tell,
When I hide so well?