death poetry

Poem: Don’t die young




Since you’re gone, I just feel I am not in the zone,
I tried to make it last, I drunk so much when you passed,
You died young, you left all the family crying,
Made me feel like dying, I wanted to visit you,
Know that I am still good, you know how I do,
Rest brother, rest well because when I get there, I’ll turn heaven to hell,
I can’t let them be, I mean they took you away from me,
Gods plan, damn son, I don’t think that’s the right way,
I never send anyone my plan, so there can’t be one,
Aight, until I get free I’ll do what you told me,
You know I am still writing, I am still grinding,
I still work out, I still pour my heart on the court, all out boy,
And you know how much it hurts, it hurts like hell, but whatever,
I never did so well, I never was as close to heaven as I was to hell,
So if you are up there, watch your boy, cuz whatever I do, it’s still me and you,
Still not used to the life without you, me and you no truer two,
Rest fool, don’t worry, you know I am strong, you know I will come  up to you,
One day, one day again,  me and you, trust the two, the freaking truest two.

Poem: Light’s of the City

Light’s of the City

If I die young,
Don’t forget me,
Lay me down,
With the wild roses,
On a flowing river.

Always on the road,
No home game,
I don’t want to die yet,
On the edge I stay.

Send me away with a smile,
A laughter,
An applause,
Can’t stand crying.

Alone yet not,
A city full of lights,
But the room is dark,
The heart is stronger,
But the city,
The city can last longer.



Written by Srdjan Solkotovic