life poem

Poem: Ode to Farewell

Through the wind I heared a sigh

And as snowflakes covered my fallen brother

I said my last goodbye

The night came

So endeth the day

And I was to go away

Over the hills

Over the sea

To the lands that I have never seen

The lands that connect to the sea

Under the cloud

Without the stars

No snow in the winter

No flowers in the spring

Alone I came

But back I will be with lots of friends

And where the road will take me

I won’t tell

Because when the day comes

To bid you farewell

I will tell

I will tell to everyone around me

And if I see them again, faith will tell me

Where the road takes me

I came all this way

And when the day comes to bid everyone farewell

I will tell them

About the places I have been

About the sorrows I have seen

And I won’t forget

Nor will I regret

The people that went on this road with me

And with this night ending

So ends my day

Alongside the devil in hell

With the angels in heaven

Through the silver streams

And big seas

Over hills

And over mountains

Through forests

And deserts

I couldn’t know

And I wouldn’t want to know

Where the road took me

And to whom I bid ferewell

Poem: Light’s of the City

Light’s of the City

If I die young,
Don’t forget me,
Lay me down,
With the wild roses,
On a flowing river.

Always on the road,
No home game,
I don’t want to die yet,
On the edge I stay.

Send me away with a smile,
A laughter,
An applause,
Can’t stand crying.

Alone yet not,
A city full of lights,
But the room is dark,
The heart is stronger,
But the city,
The city can last longer.



Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

Poem: It won’t be easy

It won’t be easy

I always had a plan
Always knew what I’ll do
And then, then I felt for you
My guard around you is down
And you turned my sad face upside down
The one I searched for was in front of me
You resurrected me
And my heart started beating again
It won’t be easy
But if your with me
Than I don’t have to worry

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic