love poem

Poem: Shade of Blue

The dawn of the morning,
Sunrise of the world,
It’s the most lonely view from my little room,
Beautiful, fascinating, but it burns my eyes,

Not the sun, not the earth,
But it is the sky that makes me rub my eye,
It burns, it’s a shade of blue hits my soul and takes me back to you,
The loneliest shade of blue.

Poem: Reading it Well



I looked out the window,
The sun was gone,
I put some music on,
Listening to the wind outside,
I woke up in the middle of the day again,
What a pain,
I wonder what’s wrong,
Why can’t I enjoy a single song,
I can’t see what others tell me,
More than feelings, more than stories,
I see more than you could tell, from a text,
You wouldn’t know, how can you even tell,
When I hide so well?

Poem: Hunger

I feel a hunger in my heart
Its just enough to keep me awake at night
Are you the answer I should wonder
I can feel my appetite for you
I can feel my heart beat faster
So take me home with you
Let me take a bite of you
Just let me feel you breath
And make your heart beat faster
So take me home tonight
And be my little baby

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

Poem – Hot Summer Day

On a summer day, within the summer breeze
Within the hotness of the day,
You flew away,
You starter your journey on the other side,
Where the green leafs shine bright,
Stepping on the clouds you follow your goal,
Not looking down,
Not seeing the sorrow.
Where you go, there is no today,
Nor a tomorrow ,
But neither have we, nor can we see,
As the wind came, so did the rain,
And the hot summer day was washed away.
The things we knew, the things we didn’t accept as true
They all were caused by you.

Poem: My heart is always running



My heart is always running
Its always on a rough path
And I always hope it doesn’t trip and falls It already has fallen so many times
But always getting up
Always running
Because its a heart that doesn’t stop
Its my heart that I push forward
And with each fall it gets up
It gets stronger
And starts running towards you
The one that will be there when it falls
Than our hearts will be one
And they run , they run towards a new goal
Reaching for the stars
We will be one

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic


Poem: You


What if I told you that I think you’re perfect
When I look at them I see where my dream hides
And I have been hanging on every word you said
I want make you laugh a little harder
Every time I am talking to you
You tell me something new
And I feel alive
It’s like I always knew you
I never meet a person that’s like you
A mind that made me go insane
Never have I stepped into such an amazing brain
And each moment I feel like I can make you laugh a little harder
Every time its fun to hear from you
Your silky hair is like a dream path to wonderland
And every time I talk to you its like I always knew you
There are no memories we share
Except that one stare
But I feel a connection is there
You made me think hard everyday
And its like I feel alive again
As long as I talk to you
I will have faith that there is nothing  I can’t do

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

Poem: The smile in your eyes

Let me drink from your lips
Get me drunk with only one kiss
I don’t want this moment to end
Everything is nothing without you
And I’ll wait for ever to see you smile
Because that’s what I live for
I made my mistakes, I stumbled and fell
But when you smile it’s all gone
It’s like I never was alone
Never seen a dark place
Blood never dripped from my hands
Like I had never lived before meeting you
And that’s why
That’s why I would do everything to put a smile on you

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

Poem: Smooth, Fresh and Wild

Smooth, Fresh and Wild

A deep forest I lost myself in,
Wild green eyes pulling me in,
Crazy silky hair,
Caressing my skin,
Soft pink lips,
Biting softly onto me,
What a trill,
What a dangerous harmony.

Her body under mine,
She can’t move,
She can’t decline,
My approach is slow,
Yet domineering,
A simple bite,
And she is already swearing.

“Fuck me hard”,
I hear her say,
“Shut up and enjoy it, my little prey”,
I say with a delight in my voice.

I tear apart her clothes,
A sexy goddess hid underneath,
To her luck,
A goddess is what I love to fuck,
As she gives in,
I start my move,
I want her to feel me in.

Slowly I make my way down,
Kissing and biting all around,
Her slender neck is bitten first,
Followed by her lips,
Slowly sliding down,
To the big lovely bosom,
Sucking on those lovely nipples,
Squeezing them hard,
Making her moan,
While I play with her as a form of art.

Her body is now in a different dimension,
She gave herself in to me,
All she can see,
All she can think,
It all revolves around me,
And as she is lost.

I take the chance,
I go love and spread her legs,
The moans get loader,
The breath wilder,
And as I touch her thighs,
Her mind goes wild,
Her hands go up,
What she didn’t expect,
Was what’s going up.

My tongue digs deep inside of her,
I devour her,
As crazy as she thing she is,
The things I do are blowing her wits,
More devoted to her than me,
I don’t think anyone will be.

As my favorite prey,
I can’t stay away,
And as she gets close,
I remove my cloths,
And I start taking her on,
And even I start to moan.

Followed by the moonlight,
Our bodies collide,
A friction is created,
And everything around us is obliterated.

As the thirst becomes stronger,
She becomes tighter,
And as she gets to the spot,
I start filling up her pot.

Laying there on each other,
Lost in time,
Now she is fully mine,
But I am also fully hers,
Charmed and caged,
“Baby am all yours.” .


Written by Srdjan Solkotovic


Poem: My Desire

Burning inside of me like a fire
I feel like I want to create something beautiful
Like a daydream, I wish I could stay like this
And even if I wake I want something beautiful like you near me
I just want you to touch me
And make a new memory with me

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

Poem: Pillar of You

Pillar of You

I lay awake and miss you
I just want to hold and kiss you
When I think about you
My hear beat starts to go crazy
Because you are so special to me
I need you to hug me
And when I am with you I feel like the world is mine
But now I feel so alone
Are you sure you don’t have a clone
Because my sleep is taken away by the thoughts of you
And when I lay awake
I miss you
The stars turn into your face as
I look into the sky
And it almost make me cry
I wish I could sleep safe and soundly
But I miss your arms around me

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic