Poem: Between Silences




There are days that silence rages so fiercely,
I fear the panes will crack and cave.
O how I long for your witty exchanges once more.
We spend hours, lingered in poetry,
conversations enlightened with articulation,
and then your mind snaps;


I learn to entertain myself between silences,
to sift through diaries left haphazardly on tabletops.
The words you’ve written scream for release;
your tortured mind begs for forgiveness.
I want to wrap you in my arms
and chase away whatever beast has your tongue.

The silence seeps under doorways;
a smoky haze soaks the room.

There are days when you wander the halls
as if there is something you want to say.
I wait, in anticipation, for one mere syllable,
just one sound of recognition from your lips,
to explore the vast knowledge imprisoned in your mind.
Such madness controls you.

Given the chance,
I would say all the things you cannot,
if only I knew the words.




Copyright © 2013 Lori Carlson.

Poem: Quoted

Nothing stops my head now
Thought after thought its all rough
Like diamonds all they need is some shaping to make them shine
That’s where my mind comes in play
You can stay and watch me turn my thoughts into reality
Because that’s what I was born to do
I always thought that my life is not worth living
But I started going through it my way
Sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh
But I wont exchange it for nothing in the world
All the mistakes I made , all the bad choices I feel crawling up to this day
I would do them all over if it lead me again to you
And it wasn’t so far away when my first dream came true
And now I meet you
So life goes on and on
And we just try to figure life on our own
I live my life like I always wanted to do
And that’s by staying near you

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic

Story: Perfect person?

I always tried to achieve this status, the perfect someone with all the things that make you perfect, I didn’t go to the extreme don’t worry:). And I thought hard about it, what does it mean to be perfect?
In the end, there was a simple answer to my question, to be perfect you need to be loved, because when the other person is in love with you, then you are perfect for her/him. Our mothers and fathers see as perfect (that’s the case most of the times), they love us with their whole hard no matter what stupid things we do, come to think of I need to write a few apology letters to them and a few to my little brother.

There are many different kinds of love but all of them make you into a perfect person. When I am in love no matter how angry I get she calms me down, she is the reason that I smile and she is just perfect in every meaning of that word. Our little imperfections are what makes us perfect, which makes me equal me and not someone pretending to be me. I thought for a while when I was younger (well I know I am 21 and still young but I was younger than) I was thinking “What if I was emotionless? What would happen if I’d try that?” so I did.

It went smooth until I found a girl I like, well I can’t say I enjoyed or hated it because I was in the “don’t care about anything zone”. It hurt a few people because I changed that way and I feel a bit bad about it now that I think about it. I was the kind of smile to many guys and I changed into a forever indifferent guy. I was not me and that’s why I think being perfect and being seen as perfect by others is the same as being loved by others. If you are loved you’ll always be perfect for someone, that’s why you need to start loving yourself.

Love yourself , don’t listen to people who say you are not good because you are different , listen to those who love you, those who say that you are perfect the way you are  and take their words and use them as motivation, as something to push you forward in improving yourself into becoming a better you, a you that will be kind and gentle to everyone, someone that loves to smile and loves to make others smile.

That’s the kind of person I want to be, I want to make people around me smile, even if I feel like being in the depths of hell I still want the people around me to smile because nothing is better than seeing people around you smile and enjoy the time spent together.

Poem: I won’t sleep tonight

I won’t sleep tonight

So are we staying this way?
What can I say I felt in love with you
And now my heart beats only for you
I wanted this since a long time
But nobody was close to me
And if they got close to me, they would fly away
Because of the differences, the irregularities
But I was still breathing
Like a teenage dreamer
What can I say I’ve always thrown love away
Yeah you know, I wasn’t that though tho
But I got infected by you
I was always fearless
But when I am around you, it’s like I am a hero in a movie
I want to protect you
What can I say
So are we staying like this
And I always said “Love won’t find it’s way to me”
But than it hit me
When you found me
Love found it’s way
They said god blessed me
Good life, Good looks and money
But I never cared about god anyway
So I threw all that away
I just wanted to be me
Can you see the real me?
So if you are staying, just say
I am still breathing, my heart is still beating
But it something wrong with it
I look at you and know the reason why
My heart skips a beat or two when I think about you
And I feel free
I told my mother I’d grow up one day
But it ain’t to today
What can I say
I am still breathing
Falling in love with you every evening
And I spent so many sleepless nights because of you
When I thought I’d fall asleep I tough about you
My heart went racing and I stayed awake
The colors of the world I never seen before, I see in you
And whats the craziest part of this is you
It was all planned out until you walked into my life
And than the plan was just blown away by the wind of change
I had to rearrange my whole life
Started to rotate around you and my mind was gone
The only thing I think about, is you
And I can’t keep myself away from you
So we are staying this way
Let the wind blow as away
Together floating flying away
And again I won’t sleep tonight

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic