poetry about love

Poem: Dancing Shadows

When I see those shadows move,
In the spotlight,
I can already tell,
It’s going to be good as hell,

The light of day won’t come soon,
There is only the moon,

Swooned by the shadow on the walls,
Dancing behind the light,

And I can feel the heat,
I can feel the love,
Spread across the dance floor,

Where no one is but me and you,
The shadow calls me over,
And I can’t resist any longer,

And as the shadow’s movements fade away,
Eyes stick out through the light staring at me,
Somebody is watching me,

Piercing my heart,
Reading me,
And that somebody pulled me in,

Like a black hole sucking everything,
I am drawn to her,
As the light gets dim,
The shadows fade,
And under the faint light,
I connect with you,
Our bodies collide,
And the minds go wild.

Poem: What do you fear?



Head up high looking for the sky,
Only gray clouds again, no end in sight,
I am sitting, just listening to the drops of rain,
A happy home, but what’s the reality?
Does your mind go fast?
And how long does that last?
How fast does it break the walls around you?
Can you escape the prison you built yourself?
I can see the state of misery from the introduction,
Maybe I will use my eyes to see a brighter day,
The pictures don’t get clearer, but I feel like I am nearer,
Am I from around here?
Don’t want to be everything you want,
Don’t want to be everything for you,
I don’t even fucking know you,
Could it be to be my destiny,
Something that killed me?
Well I can’t follow, because I am still alive
Only the scars are there and I just fly I don’t care,
If you try to kill me, your life I won’t spare,
You want to take me far away from here,
What’s your true intention?
What the hell do you fear?

Poem: Reading it Well



I looked out the window,
The sun was gone,
I put some music on,
Listening to the wind outside,
I woke up in the middle of the day again,
What a pain,
I wonder what’s wrong,
Why can’t I enjoy a single song,
I can’t see what others tell me,
More than feelings, more than stories,
I see more than you could tell, from a text,
You wouldn’t know, how can you even tell,
When I hide so well?

Poem: Lets go back

Lets get back to the day when you told me that you’d stay
Lets go back to that day when you took all my worries away
When I give you my heart
So lets pretend it all went well
And we didn’t fight, didn’t get mad
Lets pretend this never happened
Say it was all good
And now where would be
So lets get back to that time
The time when I didn’t know how to rhyme
Where it was you and me
No world around us
We could be where we wanted to be from my room
But those days are gone
I cant pretend
I cant do anything right now
But thats how it ends
And we go on
You with two hearts
And I , I rely on my mind from now on.

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic