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Writing Prompt: Fear

How would you describe fear? What is it to you?
Not sure if I’ll do this often but from time to time I might throw in a writing prop like this with a simple description. If you want to you can add your description in the comments. Have fun!

Fear, heh , do you know what’s the worst part about fear? Its not the shaking knees or panic attack, its how you let fear shape your life.
Stand tall, charge your fear, shape it into a positive thing and never let it take the best of you. What I know about fear?
Well I know this one thing, that fear can’t compare to the feeling you feel towards someone you care about. If you can say that fear has a weakness , than its the will of the human heart, the obligation to protect what we think is worth protecting.



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Poem: Atmosphere


I gotta keep going,
Even if I can’t stay on that one road I will go on and on,
So even if I am wrong,
I have people around me that push me back there,
On my way to make my dream come true,
And that dream was dreamed since I was born,
They say only the strong survive,
Well I can’t deny I am weak without all of you,
Thats why I stay around you, that’s why I need all of you,
The world makes me feel like I am falling down,
I dont know if it is real or true,
But when I fall your hands reach to me,
And you push me forward again,
Dead hearts around me everywhere,
Its hard to see that,
But I know there are people that still care,
So I will revive those dead hearts,
And show them that there is someone that does care.

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic